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Traditional Methods

Hand Laying Flooring Methods

Consol have a highly skilled and experienced workforce that is capable of working not only mechanically but manually as well.


The skill sets and training of our teams allows us to carry out various hand laying methodologies with ease and in comfort knowing that whatever construction technique is adopted, our teams can execute the works with skill and achieving all the requirements of specification.



Reinforcement for this technique can also be traditional mesh and steel fibres. Traditional rebar solutions can also be catered for heavily loaded, suspended floor slabs.

The Consol Hand Laying construction techniques can also be used for producing External Hardstandings. Using this construction technique daily productivity can be doubled easily over the traditional long strip method. External areas are normally brush finished to provide a textured surface for traffic and ease grip during winter conditions.



Consol employs this construction technique daily to ensure the correct product is produced as per the design specifications that they are given.



For quotations and availabilty, please contact Jonathan Nolan.

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