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Laser Screed Flooring

Consol Concrete specialises in concrete solutions ranging from large industrial floors to construction of walls through shuttering.


Due to our recent Investments in plant and equipment, there is an extensive portfolio of plant and equipment at our disposal to call upon, to complete our works to the very highest standards with the very best machinery.


Floors installations are completed through the use of S-22EZ Laser Screeds, and also the

S-485 Laser Screed.



Through careful selection of equipment, methodology and bay layout we can achieve very high tolerance concrete floors, regularly achieving FM1. More generally FM2 tolerances (Free Movement where mechanical handling equipment can move over all areas of the slab) are specified and are easily achieved by our skilled and experienced workforce.


This is a common specification for distribution centres and warehouses.



Similarly on defined movement (Very Narrow Aisle, High Bay Racking – high tolerance specified in warehouses that are over 13m in height) DM1 tolerances can be achieved with minimal grinding.


Our Laser Screeds can work with steel fibre and conventional mesh specifications producing slab designs in accordance with latest concrete society TR34 (2013) 4th edition.


Ground bearing, suspended slabs, & even slabs to falls can be constructed using Laser Screed machinery.



For quotations and availabilty, please contact Jonathan Nolan.

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